Whittier Elementary School is a Community of Learners who believes and supports each other as we all stretch and grow to meet the needs of ALL of our children on a daily basis.

As part of the larger Transformational plan, Whittier Elementary has organized our students  into learning groups called “Families.”


Families put groups of teachers together with varying grade levels of students. The expectation is that the teachers collaborate to meet the needs of all of their students.

Flexible Grouping

Students are grouped flexibly throughout the day to better meet the personal learning needs of all students. Formative assessments are used to as a tool to help determine the flexible groups in which the student will work.

Multiage Experiences

Students involved in the families will have opportunities for appropriate multiage learning experiences. This may or may not be in a multiage classroom setting. For example, multiage learning experiences may occur as a result of the flexible grouping of students within families.


2012 Whittier Transformation Plan