Welcome to Whittier Elementary

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

 AM Drop Off Procedures

Map of drop off routine

Click here for a AM DROP OFF procedures PDF with MAPS. 

In order to make drop off in the morning smoother and quicker for everyone we have made a few adjustments to our routines.   Below is information on our drop off procedures.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact our school office or
Mrs. Curley at 262-359-2110.

Arrival Prior to 7:15 am

  1. Students who are eating breakfast at school can arrive at 6:55 am and enter the cafeteria through door 9.
  2. Buses will start arriving at school at about 7:10-7:15 and will use the bus drop off lane. When there are buses in the bus drop off lane no cars are allowed in the lane.  An adult supervisor will be directing traffic near the start of the Bus Lane and Middle Drop off Lane.
  3. Students arriving while busses are present should continue down the middle lane to the drop off point. We can only unload 2 cars at a time at the crosswalk drop off point.   Please have your child open their own door and exit the vehicle.  Then proceed to the exit.  Bus patrols will help students cross the crosswalk safely.

Arrival After 7:15 am (Once buses have cleared) – Yellow Arrows

  1. Once all the busses have cleared an adult supervisor will begin to direct cars to the south drop off lane. Eight cars will pull forward in the lane and stop.  All eight cars will unload their children.  Please tell your child to open their own door and exit the vehicle when you pull up to the curb.   After the children have unloaded the door supervisor will allow the line of cars to move to the exit.  Please wait for the supervisor to motion all cars forward and stay in line as you progress to the exit.
  2. Please be alert and watch for the supervisors directing traffic. Please follow all of their directions.  Our goal is to have a quick, orderly, and safe arrival to school for all students.
  3. When exiting Whittier in the morning, please remember that only right hand turns from our parking lot are allowed.


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